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Hahnemann was a vitalist. His philosophical conceptions are a protest against materialism, against all merely chemicophysiological ideas. In his introduction to The Organon of Medicine he states “The causes of our maladies cannot be material, since the least foreign material substance however mild it may appear to us, if introduced into our blood vessels, is promptly ejected by the vital force, as though it was a poison. “ Hahnemann states very boldly in footnote $ 31 “Disease are not and cannot be, that they are not mechanical or chemical alterations of the material substance of the body, and are not dependent on a material morbific substance, but they are merely spirit like dynamic derangement of life.”

The keynote to homeopathy is the Hahnemannian teaching of the dynamics or vital force. Homeopathy eliminates material causes of most disease, material dosage of medicines and looks to the real cause of all disease in the disturbed vital force and selects a curative medicine in a dynamized form, one in which the drug is free of its material envelope.

Hahnemann’s teaching in regard to disease and their cure by homeopathic remedies require a practical acceptance of a vital principle animating the body, and at the same time a similar vital principle or force present in every medicinal substance.

A thorough understanding of the subject of energy is a necessary foundation for the study of homeopathic philosophy, if the student is to understand the principles upon which the practice of Hahnemannian homeopathy is based.

Energy, as we understand it, is of a three-fold form. It can be said that the universe is made of three fold energy planes. The Virtual, The Dynamic and The Material. In practical application physician thinks of the source of energy as a thing, upon which he can draw. He draws upon virtual energy, upon dynamic energy, upon material energy. Because three forms of energy is talked about but it does not mean that they are essentially different. They are not, the different forms shade insensibly into each other. Energy is a store-house of vitality, which exists in nature and it shall be our special effort to train readers so that they may avail themselves to the power which is called as energy.

Consider here the planes of energy that will serve as our model and it comes in three planes:

  • Material plane
  • Quantum/ Dynamic plane
  • Virtual plane

Material plane:

It is only the top layer or the model. The material world is full of familiar objects that can be seen, felt, touched, tasted and smelled. As big objects become very small, shrinking to the size of atoms, senses fail to experience them. Theoretically, the shrinkage (dilution in homeopathic context) has to stop somewhere, because no atom is smaller than hydrogen, but in fact an amazing transformation happens beyond the atom, everything solid disappears. Atoms are composed of vibrating energy packets, that have no solidity at all, no mass or size, nothing for the senses to see or touch. The Latin word for packet or package is quanta, the word chosen to describe one unit of energy inside the atom, and as it is, this is the ‘spirit like’ or dynamic plane that Hahnemann refers to, in all his writings.

At the Quantum / Dynamic plane:

Nothing of the material world is left intact. It is strange enough to hold up a piece of gold jewelry and realize that it is actually at a deeper level, invisible vibration of electrons taking place in a void. Even at the atomic level all objects are revealed 99,999 percent empty space. The electron can never be captured anyway, since it too breaks down into energy vibrations that blink in and out of existence millions of time per second.
Therefore the whole universe is a quantum mirage, blinking in and out of existence millions of times per second. At the quantum level the whole cosmos is like a blinking light. There are no stars or galaxies, only vibrating energy fields that our senses are too dull and slow to pick up because of the incredible speed at which light and electricity move.

Virtual plane:

The power of creation (whatever it turns out to be) lies even beyond quantum energy, a force with the ability to turns gaseous clouds of dust into stars and eventually into DNA. In the terminology of physics, we refer to this pre-quantum level as virtual. This is the third plane the virtual plane. Beyond all this energy, there is nothing, a void. Visble light becomes virtual light, real space becomes virtual space, real time becomes the virtual time. In the process all properties vanish. Light no longer shines, space covers no distance, time is eternal, words like empty, dark and cold do not apply to it. The virtual plane is so inconvincible that only religious language seems to touch it all:

“ In the beginning , there was neither existence nor non-existence All this world was unmanifest energy.”

In modern terms this verse tells us that this virtual plane is the realm of Soul or God. A virtual state where all energy is stored before. Its attributes are eternity, infinity, immortality and unmeasurability. Since this is not a plane for medical practitioners, so this plane would not be discussed in further study and concentration of mind is made on the material plane and the quantum/ non-material/ the dynamic plane. So coming back to our model.

In homeopathy particular concern is laid on the dynamic plane. This dynamic energy Hahnemann discerned as two: the mind and the vital force (wesen). Hahnemann saw in the body but an organism made up of material particles by themselves dead, but vivified embodied and adapted to the real, living man, the spirit within. The connection between the mind and the body is supposed by him to be effected by means of the vital force which he designates dynamis, therefore in Hahnemannian physiology:

The spirit, the true man, the mind.
The vivifying vital force, the dynamis, maintaining life and health.
The material body.

This lower dynamic energy Hahnemann calls the vital force (wesen), the spirit like, vital force, animating the material body. Human body has the presence of all three forms of energy: the soul at the virtual plane, the mind the higher dynamic energy of Hahnemann vivifying the brain and the wessen, the vital force, the dynamis that interpenetrates each and every physical tissue of the body, it does not sit apart and supervise the actions on the tissue and organs. It is the power, the force, upon which reactions depends.

Let us examine what Hahnemann explains in introduction to the Organon of Medicine regarding his views as vitalism and the dynamic plan.

“ The exquisite power (the vital force) innate in the human being designed to direct in the most perfect manner the operations of life while it is in health, equally present in all parts of the organism, in the fibers of sensibility as well as in those of irritability, the unwearing spring of all the normal natural function of the body.” The proper function of this instinctive, irrational and unintelligent, but automatic vital force is “ the maintenance of the life and health of the organism.”

The vital force, which of itself can only act according to the physical constitution of our organism and is not guided by reason, knowledge, reflection and judgement.

“The Vital Force by itself cannot restore the organism to health it was not given to man to be regarded as the best possible curative agent to restore deviation from health to the normal condition, the true healing art is that reflective work, the attribute to the higher powers of human intellect of unfiltered judgement and of reason selecting and determining on principle in order to effect an alteration in the instinctive, irrational and unintelligent, but energetic vital force, when it has been deviated by disease into abnormal action and by means of similar affection developed by a homeopathically chosen remedy to excite in it a medicinal disease, somewhat greater in degree, so that the natural morbid affection can no longer act upon the vital force, which thus freed from the natural disease, has now only the similar, somewhat stronger medicinal morbid affection to contend with, against which the vital force now directs its whole energy and which it soon overpowers, whereby the vital force is liberated and enabled to return to the normal standard of health.”

Homeopathy teaches how to effect this. Before we go further in the study of Hahnemannian thought, lets summarize things till now. These don’t need to be memorized or studied, everything contained in them will be discussed in clear, simple language as we move ahead.

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