Homeopathic Treatment of Anxiety Neurosis


Homeopathic is highly effective and recommended for treating different types of anxiety disorders. Prescription of homeopathic medicine for anxiety neurosis and associated disorders is based on principle of Individualization.

When we take case, the patient’s basic nature, mental state, symptoms at the time of consulting, childhood history, family history, and his social, personal and professional relationships are taken into consideration. A detail analysis is done before prescribing the medicines.

Homeopathic medicines act at a deeper level and help to treat the disease from its root. Initially, if patient is on conventional treatment, patient is advised to continue them, as suddenly stopping them may bring the withdrawal symptoms.

Homeopathic medicines provide relief to the patient in an anxiety state. It reduces the frequency , duration and intensity of panic attacks. They also improve the sense of well-being of the patient.

Homeopathy also improves sleep quality and decreases dependency upon sleeping pills.

Homeopathy is completely safe and does not have any side-effect. It is non-habit forming. With regular use of homeopathic medicines, dependency upon conventional medicines i.e. anti- anxiety, anti-depressive and sleeping pills, can be reduced or completely stopped, under professional guidance.

Homeopathic treatment is more promising, when it is used along with psychotherapy and counseling and talk therapy. Duration of treatment depends upon severity of disease, and the time since patient is suffering. It also depends upon dependency on conventional drugs.
So, it’s strongly advisable to opt for homeopathic treatment for anxiety, depression and related disorders.

Dr. Sameer Kumar Singh

Dr. Sameer Kumar Singh has a very strong homeopathic background. He has been practicing homeopathy from past 20 years and got vast experience of treating diseases like: Liver and Gastrointestinal Diseases, Kidney Diseases, Arthritis, Skin Diseases and many more. Read More

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