Post-Partum Depression and Homeopathy

Birth of a baby brings new challenges for a mother. It is a common but ignored problem. Having a baby is stressful, no matter how much one loves her child. Considering sleep deprivation, new responsibilities and lack of self-time. Homeopathic treatment with proper emotional support and holistic therapies offer solution to this problem and helps mother to enjoy motherhood.

With so much responsibilities at hand , and low physical health and emotional vulnerability, new moms feel that they are on emotional rollercoaster. When it is limited to mild depression and mood swings, the problem is called “Baby Blues”, and is common. The condition is caused by sudden change in hormones after delivery , increased stress, isolation, sleep deprivation and fatigue. The symptoms start within a day or two of delivery ,remain at peak for around 1 week and ends by second week. This is normal, but if symptom do not go away even after 2-3 weeks , one may be suffering from Post partum Depression(PPD).  Now , this is serious. Symptoms are more or less same, but severity is more with PPD. So much so, that mother is unable to take care for the new born, and this condition remains for too long.

These are the few of the conditions which a new mom with PPD suffers-

  • She is not able to bond with the baby, for which she feels guilt, which again worsens the condition.
  • There is indifference to family members.
  • Anxiety is out of control ,preventing sleep.
  • There is loss of appetite.
  • Feelings of guilt or worthlessness, developing thoughts which are preoccupied with death.
  • Feeling of helplessness and hopelessness..


It is not known that why some new moms suffer and why some not. Few factors which may be responsible are-

  • Hormonal changes- Changes in estrogen and progestorone hormone levels, Blood pressure fluctuations, slow metabolism which new mothers experience ,may trigger PPD.
  • Moms are sometimes insecure about their physical appearance.
  • Stress of caring, sleep deprivation and anxiety about ability to proper care.
  • First time mothers are more likely to experience difficult PPD.
  • If patient has previous history of anxiety and depression or mood disorders, they are more prone to have PPD.
  • Other social stressors like lack of emotional support, finances also trigger PPD.


Homeopathic Approach

Homeopathic holistic approach has individualising concept of homeopathic case taking , which gives relief from this problem. Treatment with proper counseling and general management can help new mother. It is advised that if you are feeling such symptoms for a long duration or more in severity, then consult your doctor, so that the condition is resolved at a early stage.




Dr. Sameer Kumar Singh

Dr. Sameer Kumar Singh has a very strong homeopathic background. He has been practicing homeopathy from past 20 years and got vast experience of treating diseases like: Liver and Gastrointestinal Diseases, Kidney Diseases, Arthritis, Skin Diseases and many more. Read More

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