Homeopathy Medicines in Lucknow for Asthma

The condition of asthma is mainly because of chronic inflammation in the airways or bronchial tubes which finally results in narrowing or swelling of the tubes the final result of which is difficulty in breathing. Treatments partially or sometimes totally reverse the effect of the condition of the tube’s narrowing.  In more sensitive individuals, activities such as exercising, smoking or some allergens like smoke, dust, tobacco etc. may help in swelling or constricting of the airways. The disease affects all people but in different ways, every person has its own degree of reactivity to allergens which affects the type of medication and the daily dosage.

Homeopathic Treatment for Asthma

Based on the causes of occurrence the disease asthma may be divided into 4 groups.

  • Allergic Asthma- this is the type which shows up early in the childhood period and is usually preceded with eczema. Most aged 35 years and having asthma come into this category. It may also be genetic.
  • Infective Asthma-neither allergic nor hereditary, this type is caused due to bronchial infection or viral.
  • Psychological Asthma- not confirmed to be a perfect cause of a different stage but this triggers a person into asthmatic attacks.
  • Occupational asthma- occurs in industries on exposure to allergic metal dusts, flour or any other allergent.


Often asthma is confused with its sister diseases. Asthma is very different from bronchitis, cardiac asthma, renal asthma etc. asthmatic attacks are normal to people having asthma and frequent on exposure to allergens.

A person suffering from asthma suffers from difficulty in breathing at regular periods, breathing is intense and effort taking accompanied by a wheezing sound. Asthmatic attacks are more noted down in mornings.