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Women problems

Here is the list for 7 main female problems and their treatment:

PolyCystic Ovarian Disease Treatment

One of the most common presenting female problems. At Naina Homoeo Care, we have experience of curing innumerable cases of polycystic ovaries. Homeopathic treatment with the healthy lifestyle and dietary recommendations form the base of our cure.… Read More

Menopause and its problems

Q.1. what is menopause? What are its complications? Menopause means cessation of menstruation. The average age at menopause is between 45 and 50 years. Amenorrhoea begins in one of the following manners: Abrupt amenorrhoea, Menstrual bleeding gradually diminishes before amenorrhoea occurs…Read More

Fibrocystic Breast Disease Treatment and Prevention

As a clinician we see large number of fibrocystic breast cases than any other abnormality of the breast. Cysts are likely to develop in women ages 25 to 50; however In fact this condition increasingly in younger and younger women. One has to ask the question: Read More

Uterine fibroid (fibroids in uterus)

Uterine fibroid or myoma is a non-cancerous, benign growth in the uterus. They are also called fibromyoma, myofibroma and fibroleiomyoma. Fibroids vary in size and in location, they may be Intra mural (inside the cavity), Submucosal (in the wall of the uterus), Subserosal (on the outer side of uterus) or in the cervix at times…Read More

Role Of Homeopathy In Cesarean Delivery

In caesarian delivery, homeopathy helps in a way that helps patient to recover fast and healthy, and offers wonderful aid in complications. Premenstrual Syndrome, Cystitis, Vaginitis Cysts & Fibroids, Endometriosis, Fertility and Contraception Menopause, Osteoporosis…Read More

Dysmenorrhoea (Painful Menstruation)

Dysmenorrhoea implies painful menstruation. When it occurs with onset of ovulatory cycles in young girl, it is described as primary dysmenorrhoea and it is not associated with any pelvic pathology. It is a spasmodic pain, beginning with the onset of menstruation and lasts for a few hours or a day. When…Read More

Nutrition during Pregnancy

This is discussed under the following Nausea and vomiting Hyperemesis gravidarum Hypo- and hyperglycemia Low maternal weight High maternal weight Poor appetite Heartburn Edema or water retention Iron deficiency anemia Meeting nutrient needs Constipation Food safety Use of artificial sweeteners Use of caffeinated beverages and alcohol. Nausea and Vomiting Eat small, frequent…Read More

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