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Your skin constantly remains exposed to elements and irritants making it vulnerable towards disease as any other body part of yours.However, diseases of skin also affect your appearance and can cause discomfort and self-consciousness.

Your skin comprises hair follicles in thousands of number. Bacteria can infect a single hair follicle. Staphylococcus is one most common. When it happens this follicle arouses. Blood cells (white) accumulate at site so that they can fight against infection. White blood cells, dead cells of skin and bacteria combine in order to form thick yellow or white pus. Result is boils and carbuncles.

In beginning, you will see only one red lump. A lump is gentle and can become painful. It begins to expand and becomes more painful. Pus keeps on collecting and acquiring a yellow or white center. As pus resides within skin, it remains under pressure making tenderness and pain worse. Finally, boil bursts open and pus drains out. Sometimes pus disperses beneath skin, however this happens rarely. Boils generally disappear in 2 weeks time. However, you can speed up this process.


Carbuncle is one abscess bigger from one boil, primarily with a single or more notches draining pus over skin.It generally occurs because of a common bacterial infection, Staphylococcus aureus. A contagion can broadcast in body’s other areas or other people and it is infectious.

Males are more prone to boils and. Its direct cause is very hard to determine. There are things, which make infections like carbuncle more likely including friction from shaving or clothing, immunity’s abatement and poor hygiene. Homeopathic Treatment of carbuncle needs that they should drain before getting well.

This process often starts by itself before two weeks time. You should put one damp warm cloth on carbuncle and make wet an affected area many times each day. It will help in draining it, which speed up healing. Mashing or cutting it and leaving it open with no medical supervision may accommodate and spread an infection.

You will need assistance when a carbuncle remains for more than two weeks, has returning nature or occurs with fever.


For treating a boil in a faster manner, first wash affected area thoroughly. Apply one hot compress towards boil for few hours for encouraging early bursting. Now use one clean cloth to wash every time. One doctor may also make one small incision inside center for permitting pus drain outside. Doctor can prescribe an antibiotic for eradicating bacteria. Boils are generally not serious. They just appear to anyone during their lifetime. It’s possible for bacteria to travel from skin to food hence responsible for food poisoning. You should take shower and use an antiseptic soap if you are suffering from boils and carbuncles to curtail possibility to spread infection to your other body parts.

Homeopathic Medicine in Lucknow

Homeopathy medicine plays a vital role in treatment of boils and carbuncles. If given on time it heals the eruption and prevents further complication. Homeopathy also cures the tendency to recurrent boils and carbuncles. Contact Homeopathic Doctors Clinic in Lucknow Today!