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Signs of Healthy Hair & Unhealthy Hair

Healthy Hair

A healthy scalp has natural, healthy hair. A healthy scalp is porous- in other words, it has healthy pores. Each pore contains multiple hair shafts. This is why anyone with hair loss often presents with empty spots in the pores and on the scalp.

  • A soft texture denotes healthy hair
  • Healthy hair can move easily, because the texture is soft .
  • As you may also know, healthy hair has adequate elasticity and tensile strength. This allows it to stretch and recover- without breaking.
  • Healthy hair has natural sheen, or luster- as the outermost layer of the hair shaft reflects light. It has elasticity, it can stretch more than just a little. It does not get tangled when wet. The water content of healthy hair gives it a straight feel or appearance.

Unhealthy Hair

On the other hand, ‘swells up’ when exposed to water, air or humidity. It also becomes more curly, coarse and dull.

  • Is dry and rough. This may also be due to lack of proper hydration, or exposure to sun, chlorine and harsh chemicals
  • Is limp, flat and lifeless
  • Is brittle breaks easily
  • Has knots
  • Is dry and rough with a ‘straw-like’ feel, especially towards the ends.
  • Has split ends
  • Is vulnerable to dandruff.

   Damage to the hair cuticle causes the hair to bulge and affects the luster.

The following are the ‘tell-tale’ signs of damaged hair:

  • Rough texture
  • Lack of porosity or permeability
  • Dry and brittle to touch and feel
  • No elasticity
  • Inclined to breakage
  • Is spongy and matted when wet
  • Color fades too quickly, is prone to dandruff.

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