Homeopathic Doctors in Lucknow for Leucoderma (Vitiligo)

Leucoderma (Vitiligo) is an acquired condition in which circumscribed de-pigmented patches develop.

Leucoderma is also known as “vitiligo”. . The name of the disease itself means “whitening of the skin”. The internal effects that occur while suffering from Leucoderma (Vitiligo) are sudden loss of melanin (the color pigments of the skin) from the outer layer of the skin, which in turn, result in the white color of the skin. Leucoderma (Vitiligo) may occur to anyone, regardless of their age and skin type.

The root cause of this disease is the acquired de-colorization of the skin and it has a worldwide presence, which means, it is not subject to the geographic location of the affected person Leucoderma (Vitiligo) has a fair share of spread in the world population, with over 1% of the people suffering from this disease worldwide. Some of the most common parts of the body which are affected by leucoderma or Vitiligo are – the neck, the hands, wrists and the back. The disease is a bit more visible in India and to be more specific, females are more prone to this disease in comparison to males.

There is complete loss of melanocytes from affected patches. A fair skin is highly desirable in today’s world, where a person’s looks are of very high significance. But the amount of whiteness resulted by leucoderma (Vitiligo) is so high, that the person may literally fall a prey to mental ailments such as depression. On one hand, this disease is in no way connected to any of the body organs, and on the other, it is almost every time, directly linked to the psychological thinking patterns of a person, which ultimately decide the confidence level in the person.

Homeopathic Treatment for Leucoderma (Vitiligo)

How Leucoderma (Vitiligo) Cause?

There may be a positive family history of the disorder in those with generalized Vitiligo and this type is associated with autoimmune diseases as diabetes, thyroid and adrenal disorders, and pernicious anemia. Trauma and sunburn may precipitate appearance of Vitiligo. The disease is not caused by any sort of micro-organism, but some of the common causes of this disease may be –
  1. High level of tension.
  2. Stomach related problems.
  3. Irregular food habits.
  4. Lack of vitamins.
Some of the common symptoms through which leucoderma (Vitiligo) can be identified are – loss and premature graying of hair, whitening of hair on the affected areas and finally, whitening of the affected area.


  • Segmental Vitiligo is restricted to one part of body.
  • Generalized Vitiligo is often symmetrical and often involves the hands, wrists, knees and neck as well as the area around the body orifices.
  • The hair of the scalp and the body orifices may also be affected.
  • The patches of depigmentation are sharply defined and may be surrounded by hyperpigmentation. Some hyper pigmented spots may be seen within the depigmented patch.
Important – Sensation in the depigmented patches is normal.

In homeopathy, the approach which is implemented for the curing of this disease is of “constitutional prescription”.  As per this approach, each case of leucoderma or Vitiligo is considered individually because the symptoms and the causes may be different in each case.  Herein, the study of the patient’s psychological aspects and psychological backgrounds are also studied to prescribe the most effective cure. This is the most distinguishing point of this kind of approach towards this disease.

The medicine which is adopted in this kind of approach is called constitutional medicine, which has surprisingly effective results if taken in exactly the way it is prescribed. Balance is maintained at the constitutional level by these medicines and thus, the normal pigmentation starts restoring itself slowly with time. Therefore, the degree of effectiveness of the treatment depends upon the accuracy with which the constitutional reports have been established during the diagnosis.