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Homeopathic Medicine in Lucknow for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is one common condition of skin, which causes rapid production of skin cell resulting in dry, red patches of thick skin. Skin scales and dry flakes are results from skin cell’s rapid buildup. Psoriasis appears as patches of silvery scales or red areas on the legs, knees, arms, elbows, scalp, ears and back.

No one in this world can bear any loss to their beauty. Psoriatic eruptions can make you feel conscious about your look. There are great chances that you become lonely by withdrawing from society. Also you may build up social phobia. Psoriasis and role of homeopathy is of great significance as homeopathic medicines can efficiently take care of your lonely heart and skin both. Homeopathic approach to case taking and disease reduces anxiety and stress of disease and improves mental condition.

Often hereditary, this condition is linked to rapid growth of cells in the skin’s outer layer. These growths on the epidermis never mature. Whereas a normal skin cell matures and passes from the bottom layer of the skin to the epidermis in about twenty eight days, causing scaly patches that spread to cover larger and larger areas.

Homeopathic Treatment for Psoriasis

There are many symptoms of Psoriasis. Essentially area of your body can involve in psoriasis and is common in trauma, abrasions or repeated rubbing areas. It can appear in many different types of red patches, small flat bumps, thick large plaques of skin and mildly dry pink skin to bigger flakes of skin that usually flake off.

Toes and fingernails can lose their luster and develop ridges and pits.

This condition is not contagious.

Psoriasis generally follows a pattern of periodic flare -up alternating with periods of remission, most commonly beginning between the ages of fifteen and twenty five. Attacks can be triggered by nervous tension, stress, illness, injury, surgery, cuts, viral or bacterial infection, sunburn, and few drugs.

Sometimes a painful type of arthritis is found associated.

There are many different kinds of psoriasis comprising of psoriasis vulgaris, inverse psoriasis, pustular psoriasis, guttate psoriasis and palmo-plantar psoriasis. You can associate chronic psoriasis with swelling, joint pain, etc. burning and itching can increase during humid damp weather.

There are some dos in Psoriasis for people suffering from this situation.

You should reduce taking milk products as it helps in controlling disease progressing further. You should spread olive oil over patches for avoiding dryness. You should sit for 5 to 15 minutes in sunlight during morning for exposing your eruptions.

Medicines of homeopathy act curatively altering molecular switch inside patients having family history for psoriasis, diabetes. Also, they increase skin pH, which helps in building up of immunity. It is free from side-effects preventing complain recurrence. Homeopathic medicines treat a person not a disease.

Homeopathy takes care for an individual wholly. Only after cautious study of all symptoms like their onset, progress, evolution, duration, cause and manifestation; selects homeopathic medicines. Homeopathy greatly takes care of family and personal history including skin symptoms suppression history. If you have treated any kind of skin ailment with lotions, ointments previously, then chances of surfacing it with decrease in immunity of body are more. This is termed as driving disease inwards, suppression. Psoriasis is a form of resurfacing of this suppression.

Psoriasis and role of homeopathy is that it drives disease outwards and removing this suppression block, hence paving a way to cure diseases. Thus regular treatment through homeopathy is required for curing.