Self Hair Care Tips for Men & Women

In addition to Homeopathy and the successful use of technology in treating our patients, we also extend our rich experience in providing self care tips to our patients. These have been clinically verified time and again and are backed by scientific studies.

These hair care tips are easy to follow and if you make your mind to follow them then your Hair will stay healthy.

  1. Wash your hair at least thrice a week with a mild herbal shampoo. If you have normal hair then you can wash hair every alternate day of the week. Use a mild shampoo for washing your hair. There are plenty of options available in the market. You can read our previous post of “How many times to shampoo in a week?” for different Hair types.
  2. Do not apply shampoo directly on your scalp. First, mix with small amount of water. Then message gently with it on your scalp for just 2 mins.
  3. Use an Anti-Dandruff shampoo if you are having dandruff. Keeping your scalp clean is important to maintain good health of your hair.
  4. Do not apply oil on the scalp if you have Dandruff. Oil makes the scalp sticky and along with dandruff it can lead to infections.
  5. Do not comb in wet hair. It will lead to easy hair fall. Dry your hair first with a towel.
  6. Try to comb with the fingers first if you have long hair.
  7. Always start combing your hair with broad teeth comb.
  8. Try to avoid unnecessary cosmetic products like gels, creams colours etc. it may lead to chemical damage to the hair.
  9. Always use ammonia free dye for hair.
  10. Do not wear others’ helmets or caps which may lead to infection on the scalp.
  11. Do not use others’ comb.
  12. Do not tie hair in one direction very tightly. Keep on changing your hair styles after few days.

We hope that you follow these tips. If you already have some Hair problems like Dandruff or Hair Fall then Homeopathic treatment can give you everlasting solutions.

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